Legendary…mythological and completely unspoiled Ithaca is a natural paradise. Ithaca is known from the great story of Homer as the home of Odysseus. It lies between the Ionian Islands of Lefkada and Kefalonia.

Ithaca is full of history that is luckily untouched by mass development. A holiday destination with many secluded beaches that are accompanied with an epic story to match their beautiful natural landscape. If you are looking for a true holiday of relaxation, villages such as Frikes and Platrithias still play out in a timeless rural daily life.
Vathy is the capital of the island and is one of the most naturally designed bays of the Ionian Islands. The traditional houses and the paved streets create a picturesque village that is what you would expect from a holiday to a Greek Island. Vathy acts as the main port of the island. You can arrange a private cruise to explore the coast of this magical island. Agios Ioannis and the secluded beach of Rachi are few of the beaches you can expect to enjoy
One of our favorite places to enjoy eating seafood is the fishing village of Kioni. Kioni has had visitors such as Jon Bon Jovi and Madonna that have frequently chosen this village as a place to get away from everything and everyone.
The team you can trust with its real local knowledge has handpicked the following villas to help you experience exactly what we love about the island of Ithaca

How to get there

 By plane to the airport of Kefalonia (EFL) and from there by ferry or private boat transfer which is approximately 45 minutes by Ferry boat.

By ferry or private boat transfer to Vathi or Frikes from the Islands of Lefkada or Kefalonia approximately 45 minutes by ferry boat.