Have you got a Dream of a Villa or Hotel Investment in Greece?

20 Mar Have you got a Dream of a Villa or Hotel Investment in Greece?

We have seen it many times in the last few years, foreigners coming to Greece with the Dream of an Investment Property…going to a Real Estate Agency that specializes in selling land and then moving on to a Construction Company that specializes in building a Villa or Hotel. After all this process that ‘Dream Project’ falls into our hands, the Villa Management Company, that specializes and educates the Foreign Investor that what they have been sold and told to build is not what the Greek Tourism Market needs.

The bottom line is that what ultimately defines the success or failure of an Investment Property, and when that bottom line is half the number you were promised then your Dream can end up being a Nightmare…Sad but True…This story is one that is real!

WhatsOnGreece.com The Team You Can Trust has recently hand-picked trustworthy collaborations with Real Estate and Construction Partners to make the process of your Property Investment in Greece one of ‘Complete Peace of Mind’

The Foreign Investor now knows before even purchasing a piece of land and building, that they can sit down with ‘The Team You Can Trust’ that has over 20 Years Experience in the Greek Tourism Market, to make a Business Plan, Marketing Plan and Financial Plan based on real numbers and real facts.

At WhatsOnGreece.com, we pride ourselves at successfully consulting Foreign Investors while offering educated, unbiased opinions, through every step of the investment process. With personalized assistance and guidance, together with the Foreign Investor, we are able to design the perfect solution and the perfect Villa or Hotel that further develops Greek Tourism.

Steven Fatouros
Managing Director

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