5 Reasons why Lefkada has the best beaches in Greece

11 Jan 5 Reasons why Lefkada has the best beaches in Greece

One of the first questions guests ask us when booking there Villa in greece is “What is the closest beach?” Take a look at these 5 beaches on the island of Lefkada.

1. Porto Katsiki

Porto Katsiki is arguably Lefkada’s most popular and most well known beach.. Mother nature over the centuries has created a masterpiece in a beach that is not done any justice through visuals. Once you arrive you will be mesmerized by the 50 shades of blue of the Ionian Sea. You will be left with the feeling that all this beauty is surreal. The beach of Porto Katsiki is located on the south-west coast  of Lefkada.

2. Egremni

Egremni beach over the last 3 years has been voted by many portals across the world as the No.1 Beach in the World. The only way to get to this beach that Lefkadians are proud of, is by private boat cruise making it a true paradise on earth.

3. Milos

Its been a low-key beach for many years as there is no access by road. The only way to get to Milos beach in Lefkada is by foot over a mountain or by taxi-boat from the beach of Agios Nikitas. Milos Beach is known for its crystal blue waters and especially during High Season to be the least crowded, making it a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the more popular beaches of the island.

4. Kathisma

Kathisma beach is the most popular beach on the island of Lefkada for the locals. It’s the most organized beach on the island offering restaurants, cafes, beach bars and even paragliding. We would suggest it’s for the younger crowds as during the months of July and August you can find many events on to party during the day and then sit back and relax with the most amazing sunset.

5. Agiofili

Agiofili beach is located on the south end of the island just a few minutes from the village of Vasiliki. Agiofili beach has been given the nickname “Mini Porto Katsiki” as it has the same natural beauty. It is preferably and safest to be accessed by taxi-boat from the village of Vasiliki

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